Here are some recent testimonials of the Sydney Singing Lessons team Anne Maree Wilshire and Zelda Sheldon. We love what we do and welcome your feedback. Please feel free to leave your comments in the box below.


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  1. I consider the singing lessons I’ve had with Anne Maree Wilshire to be among the best money I’ve ever spent in my life. I’m a singer-songwriter and frankly it used to all be a bit of a struggle. But I now have a freedom in my voice that was never there before, and this goes hand in hand with increased confidence and pure enjoyment of singing.

    It’s a whole other world. For any singer who knows they have further to go, I recommend her absolutely. She is a voice unblocker extraordinaire, and very easy to work with. I really like her style: it’s very practical, and you end up with a well-internalised treasure trove of techniques to use at home and on the road.”

    Kate Rowe, 2010 ASA Songwriter of the Year

  2. I remember the day I had my first lesson with Zelda. Now, looking back, I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed with her help. My voice has improved so much, and my range has risen to heights I never dreamed it could reach. I used to have difficulty reaching higher notes, and controlling my voice. With her tools I am able to harness the potential of my voice. Her optimistic and encouraging approach to learning make me all the more enthusiastic and comfortable in learning with her. Her bubbly vivacity is so inspiring and contagious, that even my dad (just by listening to our lessons on Skype) feels enraptured! I’ve found confidence, control, and an amazing vocal teacher I can call my friend!

  3. Anne Maree has huge range of great techniques to draw on and can always creatively offer me exactly what I need to discover my voice. She always offers me the perfect thing for me.

    From being worried about how I sound. I’ve grown to being confident that I can feel what I’m doing and what I need to adjust to sing with an easy flowing open sound.”

  4. Dear Zelda..I loved my first lesson and had no idea that they would just keep getting better. I have fun and learn so much every lesson. I love your singers tea so much that I got my mum to buy the same tea. I really appreciate all of your efforts you really are the best teacher EVER!!!!

    1. Kira, congratulations for a HUGE year. I was so excited that even at age 10 and 11 you are impressing the judges in some TV contests and making the short lists. BUT winning $1,000 first place in the prestigious Kambala Search For A Star contest with 23 schools competing and your big voice and rock moves stole the show even against the big 18 year olds! Whoohoo. Very proud of you – and so great to see all your hard work paying off.

  5. “Anne Maree has a holistic approach. My sessions include technique, bringing out my unique performance style and interpretation and refining my original songs.

    I get more out of the lessons because they’re not just about voice. They also hone how my mind works and creating healthy thought habits. She is able to understand me as an individual. If I cant understand something she breaks it down and takes a different approach till I get it. She always knows what I need to “get” and makes effort to break it down into little parts to see what we can improve on.

    She has wide range of techniques and skills and is open to a lot more possibilities – rather than other teachers I’ve had that only have one “right way” to sing. If something isn’t working they’d say the same thing, like “come from the “diaphragm”. But what does that mean? Anne Maree breaks each different skill down till I understand what it means and I can feel it for myself.”

  6. Zelda thank you so much for the lesson prior to my daughters audition. You gave her all the necessary tools she needed to be confident and prepared for anything. Your incredible range of knowledge is amazing…I can’t believe how much energy and enthusiasm you bring into every class…you really bring out the best in people, Your one of a kind…Thanks so much…Carla

    1. Hi Carla, thank you for your lovely comments. I recognise and honour the sacrifice of time, effort and investment you make as a mum supporting your daughter’s singing dream. And it brings me so much happiness knowing that you are delighted with your daughter’s progress and seeing her enjoy the lessons and blossoming in her creativity.
      You’re an awesome mum for the generous support and encouragement you give every day – and young singers certainly need amazing mums like you to make their singing dreams come true!!! CARLA YOU ROCK!!!!

  7. Anne Maree’s given me the confidence that I can trust her to know what’s best for me. She listens and knows where there’s something I’m not aware of in myself.

    She knows when it’s time to put techniques aside, when I’m sure enough. Her warm up routines are great. When I perform around the world no matter how small or large the venue she’s taught me how to trust my technique, relax and focus on my performance.

    I feel creative, resourceful and confident and able to give a consistently good performance. I know the ground work is there and still have the confidence to takes risks on stage.

  8. I loved my first lesson with Zelda but what really blew me away was her incredible ability to fuse her phenomenal technical knowledge with fun, warmth and enthusiasm! I come out feeling rejuvenated and inspired! Zelda creates a safe, supportive and yet challenging environment where risks can be taken and magic can happen. Thank you Zelda for helping me start to rediscover my voice. You are a very special woman with an incredible gift.

  9. Anne Maree is the best demonstration of her information…..She is the example. She has contrast as a presenter, wildly expressive one moment, intense and thought provoking the next. She teaches how to access your audience with confidence and passion, to find your voice and power

  10. Zelda’s lessons gave me the much-needed confidence I needed to sing publicly without anxiety.

    I had spent many years just singing to myself until recently a band asked me to join them (after hearing I loved karaoke!) Zelda helped me, after just the first lesson, to believe I could take my singing to another level – and people would actually enjoy listening.

    Zelda is patient with every question, enthusiastic at every step, and celebrates the smallest achievement with you. It is this seemingly endless energy and positive outlook that makes her lessons heaps of fun. Thanks Zelda!

  11. Anne Marie has an extraordinary mix of warmth and competence. And thank God for that. She works at an amazing depth and when working at that level you really need to be with someone who knows what they are doing and handles you with compassion. I have experienced the benefit of her work and can confidently say that if you want behaviour change that really sticks, then be guided by her expertise.

  12. I started playing a game a few months back, and the game was to perform a solo in public. I’ve never sung in public, so this was a big thing for me. I’ve been training weekly with Zelda, and won my game last Friday night 🙂

    Thank you Zelda, when I was up there singing, all the techniques we’d practised with my song were present to me (many, now automatic!) and while I was still nervous, I was able to sing with a confidence that just wasn’t there before.

  13. Anne Maree Wilshire is a great singing coach. She applies a thoughtful, customised approach to get the best out of her students. I have limited time to practice but am in my own way committed to developing my voice. Anne Maree takes this on board and never makes me feel guilty if I don’t practice as much as she’d like. We live with the realities of life and despite this have made tremendous progress in a relatively short time. I highly recommend Anne Maree to anyone wanting an intelligent, experienced, passionate, and committed teacher.

  14. Zelda is a fantastic communicator and an amazing audience that creates an opening for really letting me rip with different styles, pitches and tones.
    My freedom to create as a composer is boosted by the ease with which I can now improvise and find notes and words with my voice.
    So much fun working with her! Recording with Pal is a blast too.

  15. Zelda is an inspirational and highly professional coach. She combines an enthusiastic and engaging interpersonal style with a rigorous teaching approach underpinned with well researched and appropriate techniques. Since starting with Zelda, I have gone from an under-confident warbler to being able to sing solo at a recent wedding. All in a few short weeks.

    Zelda has unlocked new and different parts of my voice and has also given me valuable tools to prepare and perform songs with confidence. I am getting closer each lesson to stardom and having the most fun I have experienced in years! Thank you Zelda.

  16. Ever since I started being coached by Zelda, I have been able to reach new levels with my singing, achieve my goals with singing and expand my techniques and knowledge of how to maintain a healthy voice and expand my range and learn new techniques. I love lessons with Zelda as I feel I have achieved so much from her teaching methods, techniques and styles and will be able to take these with me in the future as a musician. Thanks Zelda, you are awesome and fun to work with! 🙂

  17. Anne Maree Wilshire has a unique skill of unlocking all the components of singing and found many ways to help me reconnect with my voice. I am constantly impressed by the wide and deep knowledge she has on singing techniques, each session bringing a new layer of understanding. In only a few months, my voice has gained freedom and power with a speed I did not imagine, and I found again the enjoyment of singing.

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