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Singing Lessons Help: Find The Best Songs To Sing?

Before you get too attached to a particular song maybe it’s time for a Singing Lessons Sydney reality check.

In our singing lessons, reality checks are something we give regularly.

So you want to be singing those great songs that you hear on the radio?

But, you see not all songs are created equal – just as not all singers are created equal. Did you know that many of the songs that rise to the charts are known as ‘diva’ songs. And these Diva songs that are written for…. you guessed it …. Divas! A diva is a singer who has a wide range and a powerful voice to reach all those high notes. And while Singing Lessons Sydney will help you develop your voice, not every voice is destined to like that!

Some well known diva singers are Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Delta Goodrem, Alexandra Burke, Jordan Sparks…

One thing about these singers is they have extraordinary voices with huge ranges. That’s why they are divas! And that’s why Singing Lessons Sydney and you love them. They inspire us to sing along with them. And we do. In the shower we think we can sound “just like” them.

And now here’s where the reality check comes in…

When a student comes in for their first singing lesson one of the first things we do after giving a few vocal warm-ups is measure their range. Range is distance between the lowest notes and the highest notes a singer can sing. Singing Lessons Sydney do this for two reasons; the first reason is so that we can measure the singer’s base line so that the student and I can chart their progress as they improve.

The second reason is to give the singer the right information about their range. And this is IMPORTANT information. All the top singers know their range and which notes they can and can’t sing. And they choose songs according to their range. For example, if a singer has a range of 14 notes… they choose songs which fit into a 14-note range and Singing Lessons Sydney helps you find songs that are right for you!

We do this by showing you – the lowest note you can sing and the highest. Then we show you how to measure the range of the songs you are thinking about singing. This is simply a matter of listening to the song a few times and identifying the highest and lowest notes of the song. Here’s a Singing Lessons Sydney hint: the highest notes in pop songs are generally to be found in either the chorus or the bridge section.

The next step is finding a musical instrument such as a piano or guitar or a cool piano app on an iphone to work out what those high and low notes are. Then see if these notes are in your range. If they aren’t then you have 2 choices. You can either change the key of the song where appropriate or change the song.

You set yourself up to fail by singing songs out of your range. Selecting a song that suits your range will give you a far better chance to shine as a singer rather than singing a song that is out of your range, so let the Singing Lessons Sydney team help you find songs that will help you shine!

There are great songs out there – not just for divas, but for every vocal range. You just need to find the right song to suit your range. That’s what all the top singers do…

That’s what Singing Lessons Sydney do – And that’s what you can do too!Party Singing Lessons

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