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Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #4: Breathing Correctly When Singing Is Complicated?

Actually, singing is the most natural thing for our bodies. It’s so simple a baby does it and does it correctly… Look at any small baby and you’ll see them using “singing breathing”. Their bellies rise up as they breathe in and deflate as they breathe out. And the team at Sydney Singing Lessons will show you how to go back to basics and breathe for easy singing all the time.

As you get older and go to school many children are socialised into breathing more shallowly than the body wants to breathe. Suggestions like “Keep your tummy pulled in” or demonstrating “a big breath in” by raising the shoulders and breathing into the top of the chest. These suggestions go against the way our bodies naturally work. It means we actually get less air in and we have no control over how it flows out.

Many people who have come through Sydney Singing Lessons have found their singing liberated by returning to how they breathed as a baby: breathing naturally and easily into the belly. This allows us to access incredible power and ease in our voice.

Another myth is that we need lots of air to sing a note… In fact, the less air we use on a sound the more power and tone that note will have.

When we push a lot of air through the vocal folds they can’t come together and resonate evenly and easily. At Sydney singing lessons we focus on singing more like we speak, using a more natural amount of air, rather than forcing extra air through, the vocal folds vibrate at an optimal level and the sound is relaxed, strong and sustained easily.

And once more it’s all about doing less… AGAIN!

So… Myth BUSTED!singing lessons cool smile

You hear this term speech level singing being thrown around a lot these days, but few can actually describe what it is and explain the fundamentals behind it. That’s what we’ve just demonstrated above and we know you’ll agree it’s vitally important that your vocal coach can explain singing in easy to use language and concepts that are easily understood.

So give the team at Sydney Singing Lessons a call and discover the benefits of learning from a team of dedicated individuals who can explain and demonstrate great vocal technique in a way that makes sense! And feel free to leave your comments below too – we love to know what you think of our tips!

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