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Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #3: There Are Some Song Styles My Voice Just CAN’T Sing?

The team at Sydney Singing Lessons have taught many people over the years – including professional singers – who have been frustrated because they couldn’t sing certain styles or genres of songs.

They believed the myths in their mind like:
“I can only sing ballads. I’m hopeless with fast rhythmic songs”. Or the reverse…
“I can only sing loud and fast, I’m hopeless with that slow stuff”.

Each vocal style and/or genre, uses words and tone differently. Once you know the keys for each genre you can liberate you voice to sing that style with ease. But you know what? Like all things if you don’t put in the work and get the right advice like from Sydney Singing Lessons you’ll continue to NOT be able to sing that style you absolutely love!

Many singers who have been trained in a classical style find it challenging to sing contemporary material. Many people have come to us saying: “I’m so frustrated. I know I’ve got good vocal technique. My pitch is good, my tone I great, I have a big range. But when I try to sing a Beyonce song I sound fake… Why?”

This is often because in classical singing repertoire for most periods of music, the focus is mainly on the vowel sounds. The consonants are sometimes barely heard at all. So bringing this singing style into a Beyonce song just doesn’t cut it. In contemporary styles the consonants matter big time! And the team at Sydney Singing Lessons excels at this cutting edge approach to singing!

Consonants give the song punch and rhythm and can convey the emotional intention to your audience and listeners. Your ability to use the consonants effectively gives you a polished professional sound rather than that of a struggling amateur.

Rhythm is also used differently in different genres:

In a big ballad for example the rhythm often plays secondary importance to emphasizing certain words to create dramatic effect. What is most important is telling the emotional story of the song.

In jazz however, rhythm rules. The primary focus is using the rhythm to illustrate the intention and the mood of the song. How you sing the words is informed by the choices you make with the rhythm and Sydney Singing Lessons loves the jazz style and breaks it down nice and easy for their clients!

So… Myth BUSTED!singing lessons tongue

Unlocking the secrets of each style enables to you to sing songs in any genre with Authenticity and Confidence. Letting go of the myths you carry round about your own voice, frees you to sing a diverse range of material and expand your enjoyment and confidence whatever songs you sing!

So give the team at Sydney Singing Lessons a call and learn to sing that “forbidden” style and experience the joy feeling of accomplishment that go with it! So give our team a call and feel free to leave your comments below too – we love to know what you think of our tips!

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