Singers Confidence Booster Workshop

Nobody else sings the way you do.  Your voice, your body, your emotions are a unique combination. When you sing, you are giving a unique gift to the word.  How you sing a song will be different from everyone else.

However, a beautiful voice, solid singing technique and great songs can all add up to zero if you don’t believe in yourself.

In this workshop there is no such thing as “wrong”.  The more you allow yourself to do whatever comes naturally, the closer you’ll get to fabulous!

We will use the same strategies as the top professional performing artists and athletes to build your personal “Singing Circle of Confidence”. This is a tool that will shift you from anxious and unconfident to clear, confident and ready to “go for it” in just 1 -2 minutes.  We’ll practice using it so you can step into it whenever you’re about to sing – or do anything.

During the workshop you will:

  1. Develop and strengthen your personal “power state” that immediately brings you into feeling confident rather than anxious at any time.
  2. Learn how to turn down the volume of your inner critic while you’re singing.
  3. Explore your unique vocal sound and style – and have it celebrated!
  4. Discover why you can trust that “who you are right now is enough”.
  5. Explore how you can use “getting it wrong” to create magic and excitement when you sing.


Join me and give yourself a powerful confidence boost.

Contact me, Anne Maree, to find out more about the “Confidence Booster for Singers Workshop” today on: 0413 788 009 or shoot me a message using the form below.

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