How Singing Lessons Can Help Singers

If you have a great natural singing voice then you don’t need singing lessons or singing coaching, right? Wrong.

Even if you have been blessed with a great natural ability and a great voice singing lessons can help you get more from your voice.

Although iconic superstar singer Elvis Presley was known never to have had any formal singing lessons Elvis himself was “a perfect student of singing” according to Ray Walker of the famous Jordanaires. The vocal group the Jordanaires sang backing vocals on 360 of Elvis’s 700 recordings Elvis would ask Walker who was also a singing teacher to give him non-formal singing lessons and tips for reaching high notes on the recordings.

Vocal coach and musician Charlie Hodge who was Elvis’s confidants and close associate is credited for helping Elvis develop and build his vocal range to reach the higher notes in some of the powerful ballads Elvis would record and sing live.

Singing is like any other skill. People can have varying levels of natural skill and ability. And like many other skills singing can be taught and ability and skill can be improved and honed with singing lessons.

Some of the ways singing lessons can help singers develop greater levels of skill is with techniques and strategies for gaining mastery and control of their voice. This is where singing lessons are particularly useful.

Singing lessons provide singers with a set of disciplines designed to strengthen and shape their voice.

Many singers with high levels of natural ability can benefit from learning how to correctly and safely warm up the voice. Warming up the voice correctly is one of the fastest ways of developing and strengthening the voice and also preventing voice strain and injury.singing lessons cool smile

And yet so many singers do not actively practice effective warm-ups, which why so many singers suffer vocal strain and have vocal problems.

A competent singing teacher can help singers of all levels develop a warm-up strategy that can be used daily. And its in these daily disciplines where training and skill building makes a significant difference to the singer’s voice.

Many singers are also confused when it comes to using an effective and consistent breathing technique when singing. The Sydney Singing Lessons team find that all too often singers simply ignore applying an effective breathing technique in their singing. Again, a competent singing teacher will be able to provide singers with easy-to-use breathing technique that will give singers more control in their singing so that even the most challenging songs where breathing is trickiest can be mastered.

Singers with a good vocal range can not only experience satisfying range extension with singing lessons, but also learn to apply techniques for singing high and low notes with ease.

Singing lessons can also help with singers expand their voice tone and character, develop vocal flexibility to sing with greater artistry and expression, and also learn to project and sing with greater power.

If you are thinking about learning to sing and wondering if singing lessons can help, the team at Sydney Singing Lessons invite you to take the next step.

We enjoy coaching singers of all levels, ages and styles and offer singing coaching and singing lessons using the world’s most effective singing tools to bring out your best as a singer.

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