Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #8: It’s easy to be a star – Just post yourself singing in your bedroom to Youtube

I LOVED this article posted in Music Think Tank and it’s so appropriate for those of us who want to make a living out of singing.

How to Actually Make $50k per year as a Musician

I loved it because it makes good plain common sense to anyone brave enough to make a living from singing.

Sure there are always those ‘Hey! I got discovered from posting a youtube vid from singing in my bedroom now I’m loaded’ type stories but these are OUTLIERS – right at the edges of the bell curve of ‘normal’ – achievable, predictable and therefore expectable.

I like that word ‘outlier.’singing lessons cool smile

While I was studying psychology at uni studying what I always referred to as ‘the worse university subject ever – ‘Research Methods and Statistics (ughhhh!!) I learned to label occurences that existed yet were random events that no one could predict and therefore duplicate in any result as ‘Outliers’.

So now when I see ‘teenager posting a song from their bedroom and now making a gazillion bucks and is the hot new pop star riding the charts (singer Justin Beber comes to mind here) I like to think of the word ‘outliers’ – something lying way out of the range of what could be normal and achievable.

Another though comes to mind – ‘winning the lottery’.

So, I’d argue that nobody in their right musical mind expects to ‘win’ a lottery.

Sure you buy a ticket, have a flutter – be in it to win it – that kind of thing – but to stake your life on it – or pin all your hopes on it would be a foolish career strategy.

Yet sadly this is what so many starry-eyed musicans and wanna be pop stars do. They see the outliers and they think this can be easily duplicated and therefore achievable. WRONG! WRONG AND SO WRONG!

These are outliers. Lying way out there! Unpredictable and unlikely to be ever repeated.

In my job as a coach for singing & songwriting (yes I too am a multi-stream income musician) I recommend my students have a singing and music career strategy that includes a financial plan that allows earning enough to cover all their living expenses and in particular investing in their music education and development.

Relying on trying to score an advance from record and publishing companies is another ‘outlier’.

Yes it happens – but the odds are so massive you can never rely on it being achievable.

Instead it’s a much wiser career strategy to focus on what you CAN do. What you CAN achieve as a musician – the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly development of your music skills with solid education and coaching – to be a better singing, songwriter, actor, dancer and stage performer.

Do that and you will have much better odds at being the right kind of marketable musician that the business expects.

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