Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #2: Singing With Power Takes HEAPS Of Effort?

Another myth that the team at Sydney Singing Lessons hears time and time again is that singing “Powerfully” takes a lot effort.

And even worse people automatically put more and more effort in and create more and more tension in their throat as they sing louder and/or higher.

When we watch artists performing it often looks like they’re pumping out heaps of effort as they sing… but what they’re actually pumping out is energy rather than effort. The artists in the know are pumping out emotional and physical energy while keeping their voices relaxed. It only looks like their pushing their voices. And the team at Sydney Singing Lessons will help you learn how to do that same.

Because the irony is… the more effort we use when we sing, the more tightly the muscles involved grip & tighten and the less power & presence we have! As a result there’s no energy left to focus on delivering the emotional intention of the song and feeling connected with the audience.

Consider the principle we have called the “Red Wine Voice”:

Imagine a time when you’ve had a relaxing evening with friends enjoying your favourite bottle of red, cocktail or beer. Late into the evening you’re feeling sooooo relaxed that you start singing. And it sounds great! It just flows out easily and loudly.

The next day you start singing and it feels tight and stuck. No flow, no power.

What happened? (And I don’t mean a hangover). You did what you “thought” you “needed” to do. Perhaps your mind told you to tighten your neck and your jaw and push the sound out from your chest and throat.

You started trying way too hard.

The key to singing with power is learning which “vocal muscles” need no effort, or just 10% effort and which muscles you can use strongly to sing certain effects or styles. Once you learn which muscles to use strongly when you sing and how much effort is needed, the whole mechanism of your voice is transformed. And Sydney Singing Lessons is here to show you how!

There are techniques that allow you to belt out a song, create an “edgy” quality that cuts through the band/recording or use your unique vocal effects with power and ease and little effort. And these techniques are best learnt with some expert help and quality singing lessons.

So… Myth BUSTED!singing lessons tongue

You CAN sing with power for as long as you want. And you can sing freely, easily, without heaps of effort and without your voice getting tired or hoarse.

And the team here at Sydney Singing Lessons can show you how use your voice in a powerful way, just like the starts you love! So give our team a call and feel free to leave your comments below too – we love to know what you think of our tips!


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