Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #1: Some People Just Can’t Sing?

Somewhere along the line in our culture this myth was created that some people have the “gift of singing” and everyone else can only listen.

Yet in some cultures there isn’t even a word for “singer” because everyone sings.

You may have seen the quote “If you can walk you can dance. If you can speak you can sing.”

In our experience at Sydney Singing Lessons and teaching thousands of people to sing, it’s clear to us that every person can express themselves through singing if they truly desire – the only person stopping you is you!

Some people have been gifted with knowing how to sing intuitively. Just like natural athletes, they unconsciously apply the principles that make singing easy and effortless, without having and singing lessons.

Other people need coaching to undo some unconscious limiting habits and replace these with liberating strategies. There is really only a microscopic percent of people who really can’t sing because of a medical condition and for everybody else the team here at Sydney Singing Lessons is here to help.

What usually holds us back are limiting beliefs. 4 of the common beliefs are:

  • I don’t sound any good;
  • I can’t find the right note in the melody;
  • Other people will be turned off listening to my voice;
  • Memories from that day the choir teacher at school said “Everyone sing except you. It’s best if you just mime.”

If we had a dollar for every time someone has told me that story we’d be millionaires. Sadly so many people still carry around these beliefs and think that their Choir Teacher was right! We’ve never found anyone who had that experience that COULDN’T sing.

It’s just that at that time, in the choir situation, they weren’t taught in a way that worked for them. Most often in the choir situation individual attention isn’t provided especially to the herd… only to the soloists. When in reality a few singing lessons wouldn’t go astray.

In other words the muscle that causes us the most problem when we want to sing is our BRAIN.

So… Myth BUSTED!singing lessons tongue

So let the team at Sydney Singing Lessons dispel those myths, clean out your head and show you that you too can sing and that singing lessons can be a whole lot of fun with the right coach! So give our team a call and feel free to leave your comments below too – we love to know what you think of our tips!



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