Singing: Stopping The Strain!

Take a deep breath… Now breath out.

Now take another deep breath and HOLD! …Now breath out.

Did you notice something? Did you feel tight in the throat area?

Of course you did… and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Now we’ve all had singing lessons where our vocal coach didn’t pick up on this (of course not at Sydney Singing Lessons)… But what I’m talking about is starting from a place of TENSION. So if you start from a place of tension… Can you imagine how much MORE tension you are putting on your vocal chords when you’re singing notes in the stratosphere incorrectly?

The point of this post is not to help you with singing the high notes without strain, but to help you re-focus what you are doing with your breathing. And here’s the Sydney Singing Lessons secret:

Inhale low, breath low into your stomach… just let it poke out. DON”T breath into your chest & throat and DON”T let your shoulders rise.


Focus the pressure and the tension in your powerhouse. Your powerhouse is your 6 pack abs and your thighs – this is where your support is. This is where you want to be tense when you breathe. Let these strong muscles be your support – that’s why they are there and so many of us FORGET to use them. We just sing and don’t worry about silly little things like technique. We just sing and wonder why we end up with throat problems and nodules… and then people come to Sydney Singing Lessons and wonder what’s happened?

There is of course a whole method to doing this and that’s why you need Sydney Singing Lessons because we can set your foundations strong so you can hit those high notes with ease and really sing and dig into those low notes effortlessly.

So like all things if you set a strong foundation you make everything else a whole lot easier! And that’s what the team here at Sydney Singing Lessons are here to teach you, so grab your phone and give us a call Right NOW! And leave your comments below too – we love to know what you think of our tips!

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4 thoughts on “Singing: Stopping The Strain!”

  1. Hi Sydney Singing Lessons,

    Thank you for all the wonderful information on your site!


    1. You are very welcome Mandy. We love gathering great info and research findings to help make singing beakthroughs possible. Many Thanks for your posting.

  2. Thank you very much for this, my throat always feels strained and tense while or after I’m singing. Then I can’t sing for a while because it hurts so much 🙁 This helped very much & only in under 5 minutes!

    Aiesha x

    1. Hi Alesha,

      WOW! Thanks for your awesome news. That’s what gives us here at Sydney Singing Lessons so much joy. We love hearing that singers everywhere are enjoying acting on the information we’ve posted and experiencing wonderful breakthroughs in their singing.

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