Zelda Sheldon

Zelda Sheldon Now Coming to You LIVE via Skype From Music City Nashville Tennessee USA!!

Zelda Sheldon

Zelda Sheldon is a professional singer, songwriter and coach with mission – to change the way people think about creative talent and singing. She knows first-hand that when singers get into the right ‘head-space’ they can make amazing breakthroughs with their music, their careers and themselves.

Zelda Sheldon believes it’s not just about talent – but rather Passion – and “I’ll do Whatever It Takes to find a way’ is the attitude.

If that’s you – then you’ll love singing lessons with Zelda Sheldon. She’s right at home with people at any level from raw beginner to professional. Her encouraging style helps singers and songwriters develop their unique voice for any situation – live, recording, auditions and any type of event.

She works in recording studios with top singers and musicians across all the pop music genres and her award winning works continue to be broadcast in television worldwide.

Zelda uses her vast industry experience – combining 27+ years as a pro-songwriter and singer with her BA Communications with Psychology Major, Certificate IV Workplace Assessment and Training and music industry leadership she is a member of APRA (Australian Performing Right Association), AGSC (Australian Guild of Screen Composers) and is the Regional Coordinator for NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) leading the Sydney Australia Chapter.

Her singing lessons are refreshingly different – centering on the singer and what they need right now. Using the world’s most powerful coaching tools she gently empowers singers, helping them achieve satisfying breakthroughs in voice and confidence.

Singing clients experience full-octave range extension; rich tone presence; vocal flexibility; super-accurate pitching, groove, rhythm and phrasing for bringing songs to life, massive breath-control and high-level performance techniques to impress any audience in any situation.

Zelda Sheldon’s singing lessons are suitable for singers of all ages across all pop genres and all levels – raw beginner to pro. Pro- singers looking for high-level vocal production techniques and increased accuracy for recording projects and dynamic performance will get significant breakthroughs.

Zelda has also developed fun, age-appropriate singing lessons ideal for young singers under 10 who love learning to sing and perform through play and singing their favorite pop songs.

Zelda’s singing lessons are for anyone who wants to enjoy the journey exploring their part in the wonderful world of singing.

Zelda Sheldon coaches clients across the globe via Skype and offers face-to-face coaching in Sydney Australia.

Zelda is excited to be working with the world’s top vocal and  performance coaches in the USA. Through Skype sessions Zelda is offering the latest and greatest singing tools used by superstars to help you sing better. Catch Zelda’s awesome articles as USA correspondent for Sydney Singing Lessons.

12 thoughts on “Zelda Sheldon”

  1. I just had my first singing lesson ever with Zelda just recently and found her instruction to be extremely helpful (and surprisingly simple!).

    I used to strain a lot in my throat and chest when breathing in making it difficult to sing however I now find it much easier to relax and it has helped my singing greatly!

    1. Alex, thank you so much for your comment.
      I’m delighted to know the singing tools are making a difference in your singing and helping you breathe in a relaxing way without strain.
      I have to tell you – it’s awesome seeing your singing progress with the singing tools. You’re doing great!

  2. I remember the day I had my first lesson with Zelda. Now, looking back, I can’t believe how much I’ve progressed with her help. My voice has improved so much, and my range has risen to heights I never dreamed it could reach. I used to have difficulty reaching higher notes, and controlling my voice. With her tools I am able to harness the potential of my voice. Her optimistic and encouraging approach to learning make me all the more enthusiastic and comfortable in learning with her. Her bubbly vivacity is so inspiring and contagious, that even my dad (just by listening to our lessons on Skype) feels enraptured! I’ve found confidence, control, and an amazing vocal teacher I can call my friend!

    1. Milly thank you so much for your lovely comment about the coaching. Your progress is amazing! And the way you are singing now gives me goosebumps! Awesome outcomes.

  3. Dear Zelda..I loved my first lesson and had no idea that they would just keep getting better. I have fun and learn so much every lesson. I love your singers tea so much that I got my mum to buy the same tea. I really appreciate all of your efforts you really are the best teacher EVER!!!!

    1. Kira thank you Soooo much for your comment and feedback for your singing lessons. I love seeing your progress each lesson and hearing your your voice develop control, power and emotion.
      You’re an amazing singer with a BIG BIG future! Look out world – here comes Kira!

  4. Zelda thank you so much for the lesson prior to my daughters audition. You gave her all the necessary tools she needed to be confident and prepared for anything. Your incredible range of knowledge is amazing…I can’t believe how much energy and enthusiasm you bring into every class…you really bring out the best in people, Your one of a kind…Thanks so much…Carla

    1. Hi Carla, thank you for your lovely comments. I recognise and honour the sacrifice of time, effort and investment you make as a mum supporting your daughter’s singing dream. And it brings me so much happiness knowing that you are delighted with your daughter’s progress and seeing her enjoy the lessons and blossoming in her creativity.
      You’re an awesome mum for the generous support and encouragement you give every day – and young singers certainly need amazing mums like you to make their singing dreams come true!!! CARLA YOU ROCK!!!!

  5. I loved my first lesson with Zelda but what really blew me away was her incredible ability to fuse her phenomenal technical knowledge with fun, warmth and enthusiasm! I come out feeling rejuvenated and inspired! Zelda creates a safe, supportive and yet challenging environment where risks can be taken and magic can happen. Thank you Zelda for helping me start to rediscover my voice. You are a very special woman with an incredible gift.

  6. Zelda’s lessons gave me the much-needed confidence I needed to sing publicly without anxiety.

    I had spent many years just singing to myself until recently a band asked me to join them (after hearing I loved karaoke!) Zelda helped me, after just the first lesson, to believe I could take my singing to another level – and people would actually enjoy listening.

    Zelda is patient with every question, enthusiastic at every step, and celebrates the smallest achievement with you. It is this seemingly endless energy and positive outlook that makes her lessons heaps of fun. Thanks Zelda!

  7. I started playing a game a few months back, and the game was to perform a solo in public. I’ve never sung in public, so this was a big thing for me. I’ve been training weekly with Zelda, and won my game last Friday night 🙂

    Thank you Zelda, when I was up there singing, all the techniques we’d practised with my song were present to me (many, now automatic!) and while I was still nervous, I was able to sing with a confidence that just wasn’t there before.

  8. I am 60 years old and have been learning to sing for 3 years with different teachers. I came to Zelda saying that I do not understand what is my voice . It may be obvious to those that fortunately understand their singing instrument. I was not one of the lucky ones, I simply was confused not understanding the complexity of the voice.Initially I did not understand Zelda,s way of teaching and it took a little time to understand her methods. After some lessons I begin to understand my voice and I am on the way to a greater fulfilment of my goal of self expression through singing,a truly enjoyable passion,thank you Zelda. Walter

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