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Singing With Confidence: 3 Keys that build confidence & neutralize our “thought demons”- Part 2

Singing with Confidence – Key 2: A powerful confidence boosting strategy that’s rarely taught. In Part 1 of my Sydney Singing Lessons article, Singing with Confidence, we explored how Being connected and in our body, rather than being a “disembodied mind” can instantly increase our confidence. In this article we’re focusing on one powerful strategy […]

Singing With Confidence: 3 Keys To Free Ourselves From The Self Confidence Demons – Part 1

Almost every person who has come to me for singing lessons has started by saying that what they’d like is more confidence when they sing. Whether they’re performing internationally or beginners who are curious how they can enjoy singing more whether in the bathroom, in a choir or a rowdy Saturday night at Karaoke. It […]

What Singing Means To Me by Anne Maree Wilshire

Singing has been an intimate part of me all my life. Sometimes as my best friend, sometimes a coach challenging me to take a risk and jump into the unknown. It has given me two beautiful gifts – both the joy of singing and the joy of guiding others through our singing lessons to find […]

Shy Superstar Singers

Question: What do superstar singers Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart and Barbra Streisand have in common? Answer: These singers were all painfully shy and too afraid to sing in public. Amazed? The team at Sydney Singing Lessons were amazed too. You may be thinking, “how could this be?” Elvis Presley, the King of rock […]

What Singing Means To Me by Zelda Sheldon

Singing has always been a big part of my life. I’ve been singing professionally since I was 22. I’ve performed as a soloist, in duos, in bands and in choirs large and small. I have performed in so many different kind of events and venues – indoor and outdoor, daytime and night time, from massive […]

What Singing Lessons Can We Learn From “The Voice”?

Love it or hate it (personally I’ve been glued to it) “The Voice” highlights some fundamental elements of singing and what it means to be a performing artist. Here are 3 singing lessons we can learn and how the Pros approach these singing issues: 1. The person that sings loudest isn’t necessarily the most engaging. […]

How Singing Lessons Can Help Singers

If you have a great natural singing voice then you don’t need singing lessons or singing coaching, right? Wrong. Even if you have been blessed with a great natural ability and a great voice singing lessons can help you get more from your voice. Although iconic superstar singer Elvis Presley was known never to have […]

Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #8: It’s easy to be a star – Just post yourself singing in your bedroom to Youtube

I LOVED this article posted in Music Think Tank and it’s so appropriate for those of us who want to make a living out of singing. How to Actually Make $50k per year as a Musician I loved it because it makes good plain common sense to anyone brave enough to make a living from […]

Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #7: I’m Too Old/Young To Learn To Sing?

At Sydney Singing Lessons we know that we do change as we age, but it’s also true that our singing voices don’t mature until we’re in our 30s. It’s like any muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets. Our singing team love yoga and some of the most flexible bodies we […]

Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #6: You Need A Huge Vocal Range To Be Successful?

Sydney Singing Lessons knows that every voice is different. Some people have wide ranges and some don’t. And some of the world’s top singers don’t use anywhere near a 2-octave range. Not everyone has the same range, pitch accuracy and tonal qualities. What’s more…not everyone has a voice of 2, 3, 4+ octaves like divas […]

Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #5: You Either ‘Have Talent’ Or You Don’t?

Even the world’s biggest singing superstars and musicians have had to deal with this ‘talent’ issue. Some of the greatest singing stars Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Garth Brooks had been rejected because they were labelled at one time or another as having ‘no talent’ and here at Sydney Singing Lessons we want to make […]

Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #4: Breathing Correctly When Singing Is Complicated?

Actually, singing is the most natural thing for our bodies. It’s so simple a baby does it and does it correctly… Look at any small baby and you’ll see them using “singing breathing”. Their bellies rise up as they breathe in and deflate as they breathe out. And the team at Sydney Singing Lessons will […]

Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #3: There Are Some Song Styles My Voice Just CAN’T Sing?

The team at Sydney Singing Lessons have taught many people over the years – including professional singers – who have been frustrated because they couldn’t sing certain styles or genres of songs. They believed the myths in their mind like: “I can only sing ballads. I’m hopeless with fast rhythmic songs”. Or the reverse… “I […]

Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #2: Singing With Power Takes HEAPS Of Effort?

Another myth that the team at Sydney Singing Lessons hears time and time again is that singing “Powerfully” takes a lot effort. And even worse people automatically put more and more effort in and create more and more tension in their throat as they sing louder and/or higher. When we watch artists performing it often […]

Sydney Singing Lessons Myth #1: Some People Just Can’t Sing?

Somewhere along the line in our culture this myth was created that some people have the “gift of singing” and everyone else can only listen. Yet in some cultures there isn’t even a word for “singer” because everyone sings. You may have seen the quote “If you can walk you can dance. If you can […]

Singing Lessons Help: Find The Best Songs To Sing?

Before you get too attached to a particular song maybe it’s time for a Singing Lessons Sydney reality check. In our singing lessons, reality checks are something we give regularly. So you want to be singing those great songs that you hear on the radio? But, you see not all songs are created equal – […]

Singing: Stopping The Strain!

Take a deep breath… Now breath out. Now take another deep breath and HOLD! …Now breath out. Did you notice something? Did you feel tight in the throat area? Of course you did… and YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Now we’ve all had singing lessons where our vocal coach didn’t pick up on this (of course […]

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